Leadership 101 - Discovering Inherent Biases
Subject : Leadership 101 - Discovering Inherent Biases
Location : Webinar
Date : Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM  GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Organizer : tlncalendar@tln.lib.mi.us
Presented by Dr. Lee Meadows .... Biases are an inherent part of individual nature and behavior. Decisions are made that reflect our values, beliefs, assumptions and experiences in order to sort through the social complexity and expedite our interactions. While biases are unique to an individual, the impact of inherent biases within the work setting can impact how decisions are made relative to the needs of individuals who report to a leader and the outcomes the organization is trying to achieve. Biases can be barriers to collaboration, teamwork and individual advancement. This TLN webinar will introduce ‘Inherent Biases’ as a means of raising self-awareness and examining how those biases impact the decisions and services provided to staff and the public. TLN participants will be shown an ‘Overcoming Inherent Biases’ model that is designed to raise awareness and provide clarity around decision making.